What People Are Saying....

  • Jess Harper | Dance Choregrapher

    You opened my eyes and heart to forgive myself, others, and to align myself with Source. With your guidance, wisdom and inner knowing, I’ve been able to tap into my intuition deeper and remember who I am. You’ve taught me to trust myself, love deeper, understand more, and learn gently. I have tools to help me deal with life. I meditate and I am way more happy and at peace with myself and enjoy life so fully!

  • Andrea Mullen | Singer & Actress

    You have assisted me big-time by bringing to light my blind spots – the things that are holding me back that I have had a hard time being aware or objective about. Thank you my beautiful soul sister!!

  • Rachel Russo | Corporate Culture Expert

    Tara, you’ve helped me realize that I am supported by the universe and energy around. I was so sensitive to other people and their energy that I had closed my heart chakra – which you helped to open. I now know how to expand my energy so others don't affect mine, fill up with self love and self worth, feel happy and proud of who I am, and trust. No matter what life has in store, I can learn from it, be accountable for it and get thru it!

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