Let's clean & clear the past before....

....creating the relationships we want!

Time to Heal, Mend, Forgive & Release Your "Relationship Past". We all have a history....it's the very thing that prevents us from having truly loving, connected, harmonious relationships. Once the past relationship "stuff" is cleared out.....we are FREE to attract with ease, call in Divine Love & experience true bliss in relationships!

Course curriculum

    1. Pain Lives in the Past

    2. Pain Lives in the Past Part 2

    3. Delving into the Darkness

    4. Our "Story".....

    5. Change Your Story!

    6. Time to Face Forward!

    7. Living FULLY in the Present!

    8. Why Forgiveness is Important

    9. What is Forgiveness?

    1. Your Primary Relationships

    2. Your Primary Relationships - Part 2

    3. "Toxic" Relationships

    4. Past relationships PROJECT forward!

    5. We love our attachments!

    6. Co-Dependent Relationships

    7. Triggers of Growth!

    8. "Containing" Conflict

    1. Present, Awake, Aware

    2. The Forgiveness Stage

    3. Learning to let go.....

    4. Take a "past" vacation

    5. Expanding Light!

    6. Gift of the Annoying People!

    7. Clear your relationship "cords"

    8. Clear IT!

    9. How to Release the Attachments of / to others

    10. Heal "Broken" relationships

    11. Letter of Release

    1. Re-Write Your Past

    2. Release Your Past

    3. See others clearly

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