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A great kick-start to Expanding Your Intuition!

Ready to AWAKEN your INTUITION and intuitive abilities?!! This insightful meditation practice will powerfully activate and awaken your clair-audient, clair-voyant, and clair-sentient gifts! There are 3 distinct meditations designed to work on the 3 "clairs" of your intuition with ease....effectively....and by passively listening to the guidance of the meditations! Meditation is a wonderful practice to help expand your intuition!

What's Included....

    1. The "how-to" for your intuition meditation practice......

    1. Higher Thought Attunement Meditation

    2. Candle Meditation to FOCUS your Clairvoyance

    3. Chakra Alignment & Energy Meditation

    1. Expanded Intuition!

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  • 5 lessons
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Ready to Expand?!

Get started in Expanding Your Intuition! This practice will heighten your ability to tune in & trust what you "get"!

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    $1,555.00Expanded Intuition

    Curious as to what your intuition is communicating to you? Tapping into your intuition and inner truth is one of the greatest gifts you can awaken within! With increased intuition you: have a clear sense of direction in life; are able to make grounded, guided decisions; have insight into your highest path; and, have a lot of fun exploring the "unseen world" around all of you! I know, first hand, how amazing it is to live life fully awake with a turned on intuition!!! With this gift actively a part of my every day life, I'm able to do the "work" that I love to do with ease, I can sense and see things before they physically happen, and I've been able to direct my life in full alignment with my higher self (because I'm listening inwardly....and when I don't, I know where I strayed from my inner voice of highest truth....and can reset and realign quickly!). I've intuitively created this powerful program to help expand, awaken, increase and fine-tune your intuition!!!! And there are 2 ways that you can part-take in this fabulous program!!!!!
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