What would your life look like if your relationships were flowing & easy?

It is possible to have harmony in ALL your relationships!

We all want happy, healthy, harmonious relationships in our life! When our relationships run smooth, life runs smooth. When there's conflict it trickles into every area of our life. This 6-Week loving & effective course gives you the steps to create, attract & maintain the REAL-ationships YOU WANT, heal the past & experience relationships that are loving & whole!

Course curriculum

  • 1
    YOUR Relationship Manifestation
  • 2
    Amplifying Your Attraction!
    • What's your level of Attraction?
    • BE who you WANT to SEE
    • Your second LIVE Masterclass
    • Questions? Comments?
  • 3
    Being Open to Receive!
    • Your third LIVE Masterclass
    • Thank YOU for Helping ME grow!
  • 4
    Keepin' it clear (you, your communication, your relationship)
    • Your fourth LIVE Masterclass
    • No Excuses!
    • Breeze through Conflict
  • 5
    "Happy wife, happy life".....Let's take a deeper look at this....
    • Your fifth LIVE Masterclass
    • SEE others clearly!
    • Nurture the REALationships around you!
  • 6
    4 Pillars to Having Happy, Healthy, Harmonious Relationships!
    • Your final LIVE Masterclass
    • Creating Happy, Healthy, Harmonious Relationships
  • 7
    • Higher Self Meditation
    • Theta Wave Meditation - Relationship Creation!
    • See others clearly!

Participation options

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