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We joyfully welcome YOU! Sooooooo excited to have you here in this NEW EARTH, NEW TIME, NEW ENERGY and NEW SPACE!!!

How are you growing and expanding in this moment, day, week, month or year?! There is a lot shaking and moving, expanding and evolving! And we are rising UP like never before! Exciting eh?! We hope you enjoy this community, the content and the soulful engagement! Are you ready to take the next beautiful, flowing, abundant, fulfilling. Soulful step along your journey? If you're ready to Spiritually grow, if you're ready to transform your life, if you're ready to experience daily clarity, joy and abundant flow....You've arrived at the most aligned space to support you!

We Specialize in....Spiritual Growth, Personal Evolution, Manifestation Mastery, Intuition Expansion & Soul Alignment!

Our courses are intuitively lovingly guide, activate and align you...and provide tools that are easy to integrate into daily life, family and business! We specialize in intuitive-energy healing, activating meditations, transformation, intuition expansion & spiritual mentoring! Empowering our clients to embody their own radiant light, spiritual gifts, and soul-aligned purpose! Guiding them to live as their higher self, and activate and refine their intuition! Many of our courses speak to the New Paradigm Leaders, Teachers, Healers-to-be, Coaches and Speakers! The "Light Leaders", Visionaries and Heart-Centered Entrepreneurs who want to create an exceptional world!

What Clients & Students Are Saying....

“I have had the pleasure of attending several soul awakening workshops Tara has offered over the last few years. I experienced exponential love and support offered throughout them. Each one has truly left me inspired, uplifted and changed for a bigger, brighter and clearer path. Tara has this incredible ability to hold workshops filled with love, compassion and truly transforms the lives in attendance. If you have the opportunity to participate in one of her inspiring workshops, I would recommend it without hesitation. You will forever be changed, expanded and better for it.”

Tanya Farzaneh

“ I am absolutely living my soul purpose. I've re-discovered my divine connection. Joy & gratitude are big parts of my life now. I'm living my soul purpose in my thoughts, my actions & my words daily. It plays out in many ways - how I schedule my time, how I treat myself & others, the work I choose to do (paid or otherwise), the activities I find meaningful & the activities I've let fall away. For the first time in my life I KNOW why I am here. I am a born healer. As I perform healing for others & watch the transformation that that offers for them, I know that without Thrive 365 I may never have tapped into my full potential. Money & opportunity has been flowing in organically. Clients are finding me instead of the other way around!”

Kelly-Anne Vander Meer

“I have healed my relationships & upped my intuition! My marriage was hanging on by a thread. I was fighting with my kids. It felt like my life was an actual battle ground. Relationship mastery allowed me shift my perspective of my children & partner, allowing me to see them & myself as we should be. I stopped blaming the world for what seemed totally out of my control. My marriage not only survived a pandemic but THRIVED. We are closer than ever. And remembering my children for the pure beings that they are transformed our entire family dynamic.”

Andrea Lavigne

“Thrive 365 really helped me embody trust within myself & my guidance team. I really leaned in in the beginning of thrive 365 because I felt so alone & unsupported. I dove into the work & meditations & that opened up a whole new level of spirituality for me that I knew was possible, but previously didn’t know how to access. The 1:1 work with Tara & Gabriel was always like coming home & truly being seen & supported (something I wasn’t really familiar with through my life at this depth). My business foundation grew & expanded along with my healing & psychic abilities. My relationships deepened & I was able to really start to trust in the flow of life.”

Andrea Greiner

“With your guidance, wisdom & inner knowing I've been able to tap into my intuition deeper & remember who I am. Since working together my life just keeps filling up with so many lovely experiences. You've helped me stay grounded while dreaming & living big with laughter! I have tools to help me with life. I am happy & at peace with myself & enjoy life so fully. When I am down or struggling, I write, pray & meditate - using the tools from our sessions & classes. You are a goddess of a woman & I am so blessed to have you in my life! Thank you for all that you are! ”

Jess Harper

“Words do not effectively express how amazing it is to be a part of the Thrive 365 family! King Gabriel & Tara have such openness & connection that is brought forth in all of our classes. They teach with their whole heart. They are honest, transparent & dependable. So many miracles have occurred as a direct result of applying Thrive 365 practices! I have healed all misaligned energies surrounding what I believed was parenting. Today I have an amazing relationship with all four of my children. I have reunited with the love of my life after being held in this incubator of compassion. Most importantly my confidence, connection & commitment to life & my inner world strengthens each & every day!”

Nefertiti Rosa

“Having a session or taking a course with Tara is always like a little re-birth. I come away feeling completely in alignment, in abundance & totally renewed. Tara helps me to see why things are unfolding as they are & completely restores my sense of trust in all that is. Recently Tara helped me shift my entire perspective from old thought patterns into a new energy - a new way of creating - & things are beginning to manifest so easily & perfectly right before my eyes! Every time I see Tara, it is like a gift & I am so grateful for all that she has to share. An amazing woman, healer & guide.”

Carlyn Burchell

“Tara’s Expanded Intuition course was a such an enlightening experience! I had the pleasure of attending the classes in-person and benefited greatly from interacting with fellow participants and enhancing my skills. Tara is a truly inspiring healer and teacher who generously shares her unique gifts with others. Prior to this course I often second guessed myself or didn’t understand that there were signs all around me. Her teachings have enabled me to really tap into my inner voice and learn to fully trust my intuitive abilities. I now have the ability to follow my instincts and this gift has allowed me to lead a more purposeful and joy-filled life! ”

Michelle Cleveland

“I was always spiritual, believing in karma & the universe but I didn't know how to access more than that. I would try to put things out there but my energy was easily affected by others, I was very judgemental of everyone (including myself), I was positive but often not completely happy. After working with you I feel light, happy & authentic. You have given me the gift of trust - trusting that I am enough, trusting that I am on the right path & trusting I am never alone. I feel confident & comfortable in my skin. I feel emotionally stronger than I ever have & feel completely confident in showing the world who I am! You've given me the gift of truly believing I have everything I need inside me or the universe will bring what I need to me when I need it! ”

Rachel Russo

“I'm at the beginning of the journey with Tara & Gabriel & already the deepening sensation of stepping into 5D & confirming my choice to serve to help Messengers with speaking is more & more clear. Lovely synchronicities have been DAILY in the last couple of months! It gives me the sensation of my power. The guidance from Gabriel & Tara are key for me to integrate it all. The awareness of my intuition developing, my body reacting with a new type of shivers has me perplexed & sitting on the edge of my seat everytime I hear them speak. I feel understood & hopeful, trusting that a quantum leap is about to happen When Tara described her predictions of 2021...I understand why I feel on the edge of my seat...time to share my passion to serve humanity & let the Messengers of light shine their gifts & elevate humanity’s shift.”

Christine Lafleur

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We are SUPER passionate about helping women and men live abundant, flowing, joyful, radiant alignment with their Higher Self and Soul's Purpose! Collectively we've worked with over 20, 000 clients one-on-one since 2002, shared the stage with some of the world's top New Thought Leaders, Musicians & Conscious Creators on the planet....and shared teachings about Meditation and Spirituality with over 26 million in India!!! A common thing clients and students ALWAYS walk (or float) away with is clarity, feel good vibes, a deep knowing as to their higher path or purpose, loving relationships....and naturally....miracles and abundance flowing into their life with ease! They begin to live thriving and positively fulfilling lives! It's an absolute joy to be here with YOU!